Scoliosis brace

The release date:2019-12-11 12:01
Specification and model: Customized, one person by one person
Indications: for correction of scoliosis
Function: design in accordance with biological principles which include:
(1) To provide support for the trunk, and increase the abdominal pressure by providing support for the trunk, thus reducing the longitudinal load of the spine, its muscles and ligaments;
(2) To control and limit spinal movement, based on the "three-point force" effect of orthopedic apparatus;
(3) To change the alignment of the spine by orthodontic force.
(1) Be able to shape at low-temperature by using WSD self-developed materials;
(2) Using 3D scanning and CAD / CAM design to make the orthodontic force point more accurate and effective;
(3) Brace is lighter in weight and thinner in thickness, which is more comfortable for adolescent patients.