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integration of scientific research, production and sales, advanced technology, cost-effective product, good after-sales service

Various types of medical polymer splints
focusing on customer's needs for 
many years

Independently developed series of high temperature, high pressure
sealing component material improves the quality and performance of oil completion tools
High hardness, low odor, washable
high printing accuracy, suitable for education, dental surgery, etc

Medical Rehabilitation
Qingdao WSD intelligent new materials co., ltd. has the core technology team with international material research background for more than 20 years and strong technical development strength to meet customer’s needs

Medical polymer splint
The rigid, light weight of our polymer splint can reduce the load during the functional exercise 
after to fixation, promote blood circulation 
and healing
Spinal braces
Rigid materials are used to generate moderate, sustained force in the proper place of the brace to help spinal correctfor users
Artificial human bones
The spine model is a whole made of cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, sacrococcygeal bone, pelvis and occipital bone with spinal nerves and discs. Artificial human bones are designed and manufactured with the similar density, hardness, strength, morphologies of cortical bone and cancellous bone as real human bones.

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About us
Qingdao WSD intelligent new material co., ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales

International material research background for more than 20 years 

WSD has independently developed the technologies with US patents and a series of intelligent polymer materials, which are mainly used in medical polymer splints, rehabilitation orthopedic braces, shape memory polymer downhole tools, and artificial human bone products. As an advanced polymer material manufacturer in China, Qingdao WSD has established the long-term and stable cooperative relationship with numerous medical institutions and schools at home and abroad by virtue of excellent product performance, stable product quality and excellent service, and its sales network covers the whole world. According to the application needs of downstream customers, WSD focuses on the basic R&D and the optimization of application performance so as to achieve the leading of industrial applications.


International materials research background


Core technical team


Intelligent polymer material


Sales network all over the world

Chinese famous scoliosis orthotist joined in WSD
Now he is CTO of Qingdao WSD intelligent new materials co. ltd.

Former director of orthopedic support center of PLA No.306 hospital
He has been engaged in the research and development of scoliosis and common bone and joint diseases, and owns three patents of orthopedic design 
By August 2019, more than 5,000 scoliosis braces had been made
Clinical experience with many years have resulted in a complete treatment regimen for the conservative treatment of scoliosis

Industry news
We always adhere to scientific research and innovation as the driving force for development, and to build the core competitiveness of the enterprise

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