Care for spinal health -- into jiaozhou no. 19 middle school

The release date:2019-12-31 17:35

On the afternoon of December 4, 2019, director wang dechun, chief physician of spine surgery department of Qingdao municipal hospital, led the team members to jiaozhou no.Director wang dechun has been engaged in spine surgery for more than 20 years, with an annual operation volume of more than 400.In addition to a large number of routine spinal surgery, some complex spinal surgery operations such as scoliosis orthopedic surgery, kyphosis osteotomy orthopedic surgery and other successful experience.

Save the good of Venus

Wang led the team to jiaozhou no. 19 middle school and immediately launched the scoliosis screening campaign.

Director wang and the team have been to the technical excellence, to the patient everything, lead by example, for every student are careful inspection!Lest troubled students miss the best time for treatment.

Early detection
Early diagnosis
Early intervention
During the examination, it was found that some students were prone to lateral curvature or had already developed lateral curvature.Part of the problem with side-bending is that you're not sitting properly, you're carrying your backpack on one shoulder, and you're crossing your legs
How to prevent side bending:
1. Regular examination, spine examination every six months
2. Choose the right bedding, shoes and avoid carrying a shoulder bag
3. Sit properly