Peking union medical college hospital participated in the Italian scoliosis SEAS science training course

The release date:2019-12-23 17:43
From December 6, 2019 to December 8, 2019, employees of our company attended the Italian conservative treatment of scoliosis SEAS course hosted by Peking union medical college hospital.In Italy ISICO spine science institute (Istituto Scientifico Italiano Colonna Vertebrale) represented by the SEAS (Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis) treatment on the 3 d level in patients with Scoliosis correction.

The treatment status of scoliosis?
For the treatment of scoliosis, the method widely used in the world and with significant effect is to apply specific gymnastics, including:
● Italian SEAS (Scientific exercise approach to scoliosis)
● Schroth in Germany
● BSPTS (Barcelona scoliosis physicaltherapy school)
● FITs (Functional Individual Therapy of Scoliosis) in France
● Dobomed, Poland
● Sideshift, UK
● Lyon in France
The international association for the correction and rehabilitation of scoliosis (SOSORT) has included scoliosis specific gymnastics as an effective intervention in the conservative treatment of scoliosis.

According to the patient's own situation, scoliosis specific gymnastics can be used alone, can also be combined with the use of support, even before and after the use of specific gymnastics for training.
Italian SEAS has made remarkable progress in recent years.

Mr. Michele Romano (Italy)
● rehabilitation therapist, Italian institute of spinal sciences
● Don Carlo Gnocchi foundation physical therapist in charge of the orthopedic unit of the rehabilitation unit at the Don Carlo Gnocchi foundation
● engaged in physical therapy for more than 30 years
● he is a member of the international association for correction and rehabilitation of scoliosis
● member of the secretariat of the Italian research group on scoliosis and disease
● reviewer of the journal of scientific rehabilitation
One major difference between SEAS and other treatments for scoliosis is that no single exercise is better than any other.The goal of SEAS is to challenge patients with increasingly difficult movements to gradually achieve and sustain self-correcting postural rehabilitation.Through a series of corrective movements for the patient's scoliosis type, the patient achieves as much physiological alignment of the spine as possible.Active self-correction in three spatial planes is an important part of SEAS.
SEAS encourages scoliosis patients to maintain self-correction in their daily lives and to actively participate in physical activity.Many scoliosis babies shy away from school sports, but that's not true.SEAS encourages an active lifestyle and encourages people to socialize, communicate, and embrace nature!
I hope that every scoliosis baby can recover perfectly in a short time!