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The release date:2019-12-16 18:53
Basic information: female, 14 years old, born in 2005, is now a junior three student.Height 172cm, weight 43kg.Two years ago 12 years after menarche, no exercise habits, only participate in some school sports.Scoliosis was found during a physical examination at school.On April 29, 2019, an X-ray was taken at a third-class first-class hospital in Qingdao city, showing that the lateral curvature of the chest was 12°. Five months later, the X-ray was taken in October, 2019, showing that the lateral curvature of the chest increased to 19°.

Clinical diagnosis: right thoracolumbar curvature.Initial body surface: back, shoulder left high right low, hip left high right low, pelvis offset left, left chest and waist sag.Front left ribs protruding.

Carving design: according to the X-ray and clinical diagnosis information, the brace expert used modern 3D scanning and design technology to design the scoliosis brace suitable for the patient, sculpting and molding, light, fast and efficient.

Wear on:
1) wearing the brace for the first time on October 14, 2019, the girl quickly got used to the brace and had no discomfort during the half hour fitting, and said she could keep wearing it for 22 hours.

2) after one week, the patient wore a brace and had an X-ray to check whether the brace was suitable.The X-ray showed that most of the vertebral bodies had straightened, indicating that the brace had served a good purpose.

3) since cobb is not big, it is recommended to make a review every 3 weeks.On November 15, 2019, the first clinical review showed that the body surface improved significantly, and the brace wearing had already played a good role.The pressure pad is thickened and the wearing time of the brace is reduced to 16 hours.The little girl was very happy to see her effect and was confident to continue wearing the brace until she recovered.
Diagnostic recommendations: daily sitting position: pad the right pelvis;Front and rear split kneel: right leg in front.Raise your right leg, move your body to the left, and tighten your right muscle to keep your spine straight.