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The release date:2019-12-16 18:47
Basic information: male, 15 years old, born in 2004, is now a student in grade two.No exercise habit, only participate in some school sports.Scoliosis was found during a physical examination at school.An X-ray taken at a third-class a hospital in Qingdao city on June 6, 2019 showed a lateral curvature of the chest and a compensatory curvature of the waist.

Clinical diagnosis: unequal height of scapula, asymmetrical lumbar notch on both sides.
Carving design: according to the X-ray and clinical diagnosis information, the brace expert used modern 3D scanning and design technology to design the scoliosis brace suitable for the patient, sculpting and molding, light, fast and efficient.

Wear on:
1) wearing the brace for the first time in June 2019, I soon got used to the brace. There was no discomfort during the half hour fitting, and it was said that I could wear it for 22 hours.

2) after three days, the patient wore a brace and had an X-ray to check whether the brace was suitable.The X-ray showed that most of the vertebral bodies had straightened, indicating that the brace had served a good purpose.

3) after three months of reexamination, it can be seen that the body surface has been significantly improved and the brace has played a lot of good roles, but it still needs to be worn for correction. Therefore, we made a second set of braces for the patient.