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The release date:2019-12-16 18:34
Basic information: girl born in 2005, age 14, X - ray showing Cobb Angle: chest curve 25 degrees, waist curve 39 degrees.The little girl is a dancer, very soft.Visual measurement of bone age 4.An X-ray taken at a third-class first-class hospital in Qingdao city on July 22, 2019 showed that the lumbar scoliosis had reached 35° and the chest showed obvious compensatory scoliosis.

Clinical diagnosis: the right scapula valgus and the right waist sag were observed while standing on the body surface.

Carving design: according to the X-ray and clinical diagnosis information, the brace expert used modern 3D scanning and design technology to design the scoliosis brace suitable for the patient, sculpting and molding, light, fast and efficient.

Wear on:
1) wearing the brace for the first time on August 26, 2019, the girl quickly got used to the brace and had no discomfort during the half hour fitting, and said she could keep wearing it for 22 hours.At the same time, during the summer vacation, we also customized the orthopedic training for the patient, and conducted independent rehabilitation training in addition to wearing braces. After three days of intensive training in gymnastics, the body surface had a good improvement effect.Scapula valgus normal, waist sag become full.

2) the patient insisted on wearing it for 22 hours every day. The pressure correction area of the spine had developed blood bubbles, but she still insisted on wearing it. Three months later, on November 28, 2019, she came to the studio for the first review.Three months after the next review.

Diagnostic recommendations: continue the exercise of orthopaedic rehabilitation gymnastics, under the premise of stabilizing the pelvis and shoulders, the body oblique to the upper right direction of movement, by self-correction to reduce the waist scoliosis Angle.