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The release date:2019-12-16 18:29
Basic information: female, 8 years old, born in 2011, is now a primary school student.Height 120cm, weight 24kg.Having a dancing interest, the family found scoliosis.On July 7, 2019, an X-ray was taken in a third-class a hospital in Qingdao, showing that the lateral curvature of the chest was 25°.

Clinical diagnosis: the body surface shows shoulder left low right high, pelvis left high right low, no razor back, spine curvature trend.Bone age was 0.
Carving design: according to the X-ray and clinical diagnosis information, the brace expert used modern 3D scanning and design technology to design the scoliosis brace suitable for the patient, sculpting and molding, light, fast and efficient.

Wear on:
1) wearing the brace for the first time on July 15, 2019, the girl quickly got used to the brace and had no discomfort during the half hour fitting, and said she could keep wearing it for 22 hours.
2) one week later, on July 21, the patient had an X-ray, which showed that most of the vertebral bodies had become straight, indicating that the brace wearing had played a good role.Because the patient is young, has not menorrhage, therefore is the best age correction, X-ray degree has been reduced to 9°, the effect is very good!
3) after four months of the first review, the patient's body surface is improved, really happy for the child!The next review is in three months.

Diagnostic advice: lean to the right of the upper body, tighten the left muscle and keep the spine straight.