"Operation to save Venus"

The release date:2019-12-16 18:03
"Operation to save Venus" -- the spine surgery department of Qingdao municipal hospital cooperated with Qingdao weston to carry out the scoliosis public screening activity
The pillar of talent, since childhood.Scoliosis in recent years, has become a "killer" growth of teenagers, the greatness of chairman in response to a "healthy China" call, to defend the motherland flowers spinal health, on October 25, director of spine de-chun wang in Qingdao municipal hospital, walk into producing soft container bags.for 21 middle school, scoliosis public screening activities.
This activity was led by wang dechun, director of spinal surgery department of municipal hospital, and the team consisted of 7 doctors and nurses.Director wang engaged in spinal surgery for more than 20 years, with rich clinical experience, the child's spine by director wang examination will know whether there is a problem.
Director wang dechun inspected the site

The screening was conducted mainly for grade 1 and grade 2, and a total of 37 students were screened on site with varying degrees of high and low shoulder, scoliosis and suspected scoliosis.
The screening scene was conducted in an orderly manner

Qingdao weston biological medical co., ltd. gave a science lecture on scoliosis to the screened children. The students listened to the lecture carefully.
The dangers of scoliosis!
Imbalance of the trunk as a whole -- multiple complications that cause pain in the lower back, bone spurs on the concave side, and compression of the spinal cord and nerves
The spine itself is unbalanced - affecting height and development and severely affecting a woman's breast development and fertility
Scoliosis is insidious -- with puberty, scoliosis develops suddenly and is easily overlooked, leading to a delay in optimal treatment
Early detection and early treatment
1. Operation -- generally, the operation is performed when the lateral curvature is above 45° and conservative treatment fails
2. Conservative treatment -- orthopedic support, spine training and gymnastics
Comparison of wearing treatment of orthopedic braces
Spine training gymnastics treatment comparison diagram
Located in laoshan district of beautiful Qingdao city, Qingdao weston biological medical co., LTD. Scoliosis studio is the first orthopedic studio integrating the research and development of bracing materials, orthopedic bracing manufacturing and spinal orthopedic gymnastics. It is also one of the most spacious and professional scoliosis studios in China.There is a team of professional plastic surgeons, advanced support production equipment, experienced equipment engineers and gymnastics orthopaedic teachers.
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