Precautions for the treatment of idiopathic scoliosis with braces

The release date:2019-12-16 17:34
1) prevent skin pressure ulcers
First, check whether the brace is suitable for the patient, teach parents and patients the correct method of wearing the brace, and massage the skin of the patient's compressed red area once every 3 ~ 5 hours, until the patient gets used to wearing the brace, gradually reduce the number of times of massage.For the newly wearing patients, they should explain to their parents repeatedly, and contact the brace studio for replacement or adjustment if they find any inappropriate place.
2) prevention and treatment of respiratory and digestive symptoms
Long-term wearing of braces may affect respiratory and digestive functions, resulting in decreased lung capacity and susceptibility to pathogens in the respiratory tract.Therefore, patients are instructed to perform deep breathing exercises daily while wearing braces, such as blowing balloons and climbing stairs, to increase lung capacity.Parents should instruct patients to eat a small number of meals every day, and it is not easy to eat too much at each meal, so as to avoid aggravating abdominal tension caused by gastric distention.
3) prevent muscle weakness
Children wearing braces may suffer from limb muscle strength decline and muscle atrophy due to reduced activity. Patients should strengthen the movement of each joint during the wearing of braces to maintain a good range of joint motion.
4) prevent swelling, numbness and nerve damage
If you feel uncomfortable after using the brace, you should observe whether there is pain at the pressure pad and whether there is pain, swelling and numbness in the limbs. You should closely observe the sensation of both lower limbs, including the movement of knee, ankle and toe joints.
5) spine gymnastics
Gymnastics training can improve the patient's posture and spinal movement, increase the back muscle strength and ligament tension.Gymnastics training should follow the first slow after fast, step by step, the principle of perseverance, insist on training every day, no sense of fatigue, ability to endure.