Precautions for the first time wearing braces

The release date:2019-12-16 17:33
After wearing the brace for the first time, the full spine X-ray film under the brace should be taken to evaluate the wearing effect of the brace and make necessary adjustments.
Usually at the beginning of wearing braces, should be loose to tight, with 1-2 weeks to let the child adapt;
During the wearing period (except for sports activities, body training and bathing), the brace should be worn for 18~22 hours every day. During the wearing process, the skin of the child's trunk should be observed to avoid pressure sores.
Complete spine X-ray under braces should be reexamined every 3-6 months and adjusted according to tightness and growth.
Braces need to be worn until the end of puberty or the Angle of scoliosis develops to the point where surgery is necessary, usually two years after menarche for most girls and late puberty for boys.