The significance of wearing braces after scoliosis surgery

The release date:2019-12-16 17:29
1. Protect the trunk after operation to avoid accidental injury.Promote surgical recovery and reduce pain.
2. It can reduce the scope of surgery (fixed segment), fix only the serious bending, not the serious bending, strengthen and recover quickly through the postoperative support.
3, can reduce the surgical segment, reduce the trauma.
4. More lumbar fixation segments are retained, so that more lumbar flexibility is retained after surgery.
5. Accelerate the recovery of new trunk balance after operation.
Some of the children had scoliosis of around 30 or 40 degrees without any discomfort, but the parents thought it was affecting the appearance, so they proposed surgery.Surgery for the sake of "beauty" is not worth the cost.After scoliosis, there was a certain fusion in the spinal region and a certain decrease in activity.Therefore, whether to do surgery needs to be strictly controlled by the specialist.Regular review, strengthen the muscle exercise, to enhance the muscle on the spine protection.It should be noted that children with scoliosis should choose symmetrical exercises such as breaststroke, sit-ups, and push-ups to maintain symmetrical muscle balance.Avoid asymmetric sports such as badminton or table tennis.