Notes for fracture reduction and fixation products

The release date:2019-12-11 16:56
    The first thing a patient faces after a fracture is reduction.What should be paid attention to in the process of restoration, and what kind of medical external fixation products should be used after restoration, which is a difficult problem for many patients.
    The tissue surrounding the fracture should be carefully observed. If the patient has complicated injuries, or potential lesions in the nerve vessels are not detected, blind reduction will only increase the number of complications.The accurate practice follows the principle of "outside must be first safe inside", deal with the internal structure first, ability undertakes the fracture reduction on the exterior.
    After the above issues are addressed, the next step is to reset.Before the reduction operation, it is best to inform the patient of several points in advance, such as what the whole process of reduction is, what the requirements for external fixation are, and how the patient and his family should cooperate with the medical staff.
    In the process of reduction, the intensity should be grasped well. Violent reduction is the most inappropriate choice. It is an empirical problem that medical students need to repeatedly study and clinical experience to master fully.Therefore, it is recommended that ordinary patients or family members do not try to avoid unpredictable problems.
    After reduction, it is recommended to use polymer bandage splint for fixation. This is because clinical external fixation is already the "field" of polymer bandages. Unless it is to make some large fixators, few doctors recommend patients to use other fixation products, such as plaster bandages.High polymer bandage splint is the "best partner" for reduction, which can effectively guarantee and consolidate the result of reduction.