Can you still take a bath when using high polymer splint?

The release date:2019-12-11 16:55
     Polymer splint and polymer bandage are the replacement of traditional plaster bandages, because the advantages compared with traditional plaster bandages are too significant, so at present, has gradually become the first choice of major hospitals.So when using high polymer splint or high polymer bandage, can you take a bath?I believe many people will ask, so the following by nishime bonnie to explain to you:
     First of all, their superior performance, from the strength, polymer splint (polymer bandage) than the traditional plaster bandage hardness of 20 times, so for the injury has a very good protection, and light weight, less than the material used for fixing, equivalent to the weight of gypsum 1/5, 1/3 of the thickness, reduce the load of the affected part.So can minimize the burden of human activity, will not bring inconvenience on the movement.In addition, polymer splint (polymer bandage) unique network weaving technology has good air permeability, to prevent the occurrence of skin heat, itching and other problems.
     When the X-ray is needed, it has excellent permeability to the radiation, the X-ray effect is clear, and the plaster bandages need to be taken apart before the film can be taken.And only need room temperature water, can be fixed in a very short time, the tightness is more moderate, specifications are more diversified, a large number of different specifications can also meet the needs of different parts.Once the injury is completely cured, it can be easily removed with a professional electric plaster saw.Complete combustion allows the product to be treated more thoroughly and also greatly protects the environment.
     The polymer bandage is composed of high activity polyurethane adhesive and base cloth, which has good biological compatibility.Animal tests and acute and chronic toxicity tests proved that medical polyurethane adhesive is non-toxic and has no teratogenic effect.It is mainly used for external fixation of fracture and sprain in orthopedics, plastic surgery and general surgery to promote fracture healing.
     Polymer splint or bandage has all the advantages above not only, and waterproof is very good, harden take shape closely, bibulous rate is less than traditional gesso bandage 85%, it is ok to wear bandage to bathe.Xichen Bonny is a professional manufacturer of high polymer splint bandages, do superior quality products.You can buy at ease.