Use and removal of polymer bandages

The release date:2019-12-11 16:54
     Polymer bandages are made from a mixture of fabric and polyurethane resin.It is suitable for orthopedic orthopedics and external fixation of fracture.Compared with the traditional gypsum bandage, it has become the first choice of hospitals. There are two kinds of bandages: fiberglass bandages and polyester bandages.
The following is the introduction of the use and removal method of the high polymer bandages:
1. Fix the position and lining the cotton pad;
2. After the bandage is opened, it is immersed into water at room temperature of 20℃~25℃ for about 4~8 seconds;
3, forced to throw out excess water, you must use a roll to open a roll, to prevent hardening in advance;
4, spiral winding, 1/3 or 1/2 overlap 6-9 layers;
5. Tighten the winding to enhance the interlayer adhesion force, but the winding should not be too tight to avoid affecting the blood circulation. The curing will start within 8~15 minutes;
6. After dressing, press and rub layer to layer outside the bandage;
7. After bandage dressing, damp can be dried by hair dryer;
Tools such as scalpel, electric plaster saw and so on can be used when dismantling.
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