Development of polymer bandages

The release date:2019-12-11 16:52
 What is a polymer bandage?
Polymer bandages are made from a mixture of fabric and polyurethane resin.Usually, a fracture is followed by a cast.Because gypsum is easy to break, poor permeability, high load, use trouble and other shortcomings, gradually eliminated.With the use of foreign medical devices and the introduction of foreign advanced medical manufacturing technology, the production of polymer bandages and splints.Polymer bandages are mainly used to replace the traditional plaster, which is usually used for external fixation after fracture. They are the most advanced materials for external fixation in orthopedics.
Ii. Development history of orthopedic external fixation materials
Generation 1: plaster
Second generation: resin bandage
Third generation: nishime bonnie polymer bandage
Three, the shortcomings of gypsum splint: high load, airtight, easy to cause tight skin itching.Hardness is not enough, easy to break, unhygienic operation.
4. Disadvantages of resin bandages: they must be heated to 65℃ before shaping;Summer meets high temperature to soften easily, hardness is not enough.
Five, the advantages of the high polymer bandages:
1, high strength: hardness is 20 times than the traditional plaster bandage
2, light weight: light material, fixed with less wood, equivalent to the weight of gypsum 1/5, 1/3 of the thickness, reduce the load of the affected part
3. Quick hardening: start to harden in 3-5 minutes after opening the package, and you can bear the load in 20 minutes. The plaster bandage can only be completely hardened in 24 hours
4, good air permeability: the unique network weaving technology has good air permeability, to prevent the occurrence of skin heat, itching and other problems
5, X-ray: excellent permeability to the radiation, X-ray effect is clear, plaster bandages to be removed to take pictures
6, waterproof: the hardening molding is close, less than 85% water absorption than the traditional plaster bandage, you can wear the bandage bath
7. Easy operation: simple operation, short time and good plasticity
8. Comfort and safety: for doctors, the operation is simple and practical;For patients will not produce bandage dry skin tightness, itching and other uncomfortable symptoms
9, no pollution: used products can be fully burned, material incineration does not produce any pollutants
10, easy to dismantle: the use of electric gypsum saw to dismantle safe and convenient
The advantage of high polymer bandage is obviously superior to gesso bandage, become the first choice of each big hospital gradually, west Chen bonney is specialized in the production of high polymer bandage high polymer splint, the quality is stable and reliable, the skin is not allergic, can be assured to buy.