After fracture, with macromolecule bandage waterproof?

The release date:2019-12-11 16:48
     Generally in the case of fracture, in order to allow the fracture patient to keep the limb fixed after the limb reduction, orthopedic surgeons need to put on plaster for the patient, because the plaster bandage in the use of the process of a lot of inconvenience, such as can not be touched with water, let alone a bath.Is there a product that can replace the plaster? 
     By absorbing the advanced technology and experience at home and abroad, we have developed and produced high polymer bandage splint.More and more doctors are using medical polymer bandages and splints instead of plaster bandages and braces.
     West minister bonnie polymer bandage used the high elasticity of glass fiber cloth, dipped in polymer made from polyurethane, no stimulation to the skin, and big mesh, good air permeability, waterproof, dry shrinkage after small, won't produce plaster bandage after dry skin firmness, itchy uncomfortable feeling, also won't appear gypsum in the process of hardening, bibulous recrystallization, thermal response, make the patient's skin produces burning discomfort.And polymer splint upper and lower paper using Japan imports of long fleece waterproof material, fluffy, high comfort, water resistance, and pleated will not produce polyurethane leakage.In the process of use, nishime bonney polymer bandages splint can block 85% of the foreign water infiltration, so in the recovery period, you can take a bath or medicinal bath.
     Xichenny high polymer bandage splint is the best fixation material for orthopedic patients, allowing patients to spend a comfortable and safe recovery period.