Whether comminuted fractures can be fixed with a polymer splint

The release date:2019-12-11 16:42
     Comminuted fracture is a complete fracture, refers to the bone fracture into three pieces and more, so in the choice of external fixation products to pay special attention, a little careless may be due to the fixation is not in place and cause sequela, so comminuted fracture can be fixed with polymer splint?The following by nishime bonnie to introduce to you:
     Generally in the occurrence of more serious comminuted fracture, the doctor will choose for the patient to carry out internal fixation, part of the comminuted fracture is not serious can be fixed with polymer splint.After bone grafting, choose to fix with west Chen bonnie polymer splint, and then cooperate with drug treatment, maintenance 3-4 months will be cured, will not leave sequela, need to pay attention to is, during the treatment, do not move too much affected limb, so as not to affect the healing of the bone, avoid to eat the drug containing hormones.
     Comminuted fracture compared with average fracture fixed time is longer, so during the fracture fixed regularly to the hospital for X-ray photography, because the west minister bonnie medical polymer splint has extremely strong transmissivity, therefore in the use of polymer during the splint fixed, X-ray films do not need to dismantle, provides great convenience for patients.
     In late fracture fixation, it is necessary to provide the appropriate functional exercise, not only to maintain the body's normal physiological function level, accelerate fracture healing and prevent adjacent to the injured at the end of the joint function obstacle, more important is can prevent muscle stiffness and muscle atrophy adhesion, close section of permanent injury caused by joint dysfunction, maximize the recovery in patients with limb function, prevent limb disuse atrophy and joint contracture.